About Us

Our Vision
The vision of Moffet School is that every child will learn to his or her full potential. This is a vision relayed to and shared by all stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the community. A continuous process that involves ongoing monitoring and assessment and modifications as needed of both student work and instructional practices will be employed to maintain this vision and to make it a tangible reality.

Our Mission
The mission of the John Moffet Elementary School is to develop lifelong learners and productive citizens who have the skills and confidence needed to reach their full potential, the ability to apply their learning effectively and creatively in the community and marketplace, the acceptance and respect for cultural diversity, and the capability to work cooperatively with others to solve problems and adapt to a changing technological environment.


Our Philosophy
Moffet School’s philosophy is based on a commitment to provide our students with a  safe, secure environment that supports high expectations of teaching and learning for all children.


  • Located in South Kensington
  • 323 students in Grades K-5 including Special Education
  • Diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds
  • 50% Hispanic/Latino
  • 18% African- American
  •         22% Multi Racial/Other
  • 9% Caucasian
  • AYP in reading and math for the past six years
  • 29 Classroom teachers including Special Education and ESOL
  • Specialist teachers for Music, Art, Technology and Physical Education
  • Instructional Resource Facilitator
  • 17 Additional Support Staff Members who assist in the office, classroom, cafeteria and facilities
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National Elementary Honor Society

Moffet is a NEHS school!
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